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Power of your words.

I hear your every breath for I gave you breath for life for upon your breath, as it was upon mine, you create your world.  Words created the universe.  I spoke and there was the light of the sun, it’s … Continue reading

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Prophecy Is Knowledge Knowledge Is Power.

You must stir the fires of desire for those things you ought to accomplish for if you have the seeds of desire to create, to paint, to build, to write, to invent, you must burn with passionate longing.  You honor … Continue reading

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Knowledge is power.

Even when you fall I am there for I know that you will look to my light to guide you.  There is always the better road to take when adversity or temptations seek to lure to a dark way though … Continue reading

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Prophecy of Your Life

I give to each life power to fulfill dreams, aspirations and love.  The seeds of desire and  the steps you take will guide you toward your goals, that your desires are fulfilled.  First is the thought, then the step that … Continue reading

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Blessings of Wisdom

I have given gifts so that those who will to hear will know of my truths.  Knowledge comes in many forms, whether of the good news that has been taught through those who are my teachers and apostles and pastors, … Continue reading

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Your words create the universe of your life.

My breath formed life for I spoke and the earth was formed.  Upon my breath were the words that created the heavens and the earth.  My breath filled the earth and moved the waters and separated the waters and created … Continue reading

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