Prophecy of Your Life

I give to each life power to fulfill dreams, aspirations and love.  The seeds of desire and  the steps you take will guide you toward your goals, that your desires are fulfilled.  First is the thought, then the step that is the first seed, planted with faith.  Stir the desire and aspiration with the power of mine that I give in ever greater abundance and strength, the holy spirit which is that I am.

I call you out to a magnificent life, one that rewards your striving, if done with faith and the fire of desire, and the power of me, with accomplishment and prosperity in all factors of earth life.  Seek for the seeds of knowledge that I have made available in my book of instruction.  Seek for my promises of prosperity and health.

Learn of my healing that your heart be mended this day, that I will fill that void of loss, that I will take those days which seem gray and fill them with the glorious colors of my power, the colors that show the arc of promise, my rainbows that were of a sign in days before my power was made available to all who will believe upon my only begotten, that what I promise I will fulfill.  Take the first step today toward your new life that will take you into the realm of the supernatural life.

That first step is to set in words that which you desire as my book of life is written.

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