Knowledge is power.

Even when you fall I am there for I know that you will look to my light to guide you.  There is always the better road to take when adversity or temptations seek to lure to a dark way though it appears to glitter as gold, though the voice may seem as soothing as honey.

You need only ask and I will give you wisdom and knowledge.  I long to give my chosen ones the glory of my wisdom and knowledge, if you seek you will find it.  If you knock I will open the door.  Nothing is so great in value as the wisdom that I offer for words of wisdom are the fibers of life.

Search my book of life and you will find great stores of wisdom and knowledge.  I will open the scriptures to many layers and depths of understanding and insight.  I will give to those who seek and ask, great stores of knowledge.  I give of that which I am.  Great and remarkable light and power.

I will fill you with the power that is of me so that you might prophecy and see visions and dream dreams.  I will to give of my power freely so that you might draw others to the light, that you love and pray and praise in the spirit, that you might see that I give prophecies and knowledge that will be beyond that which is of the earthly nature in body but I see what you are in spirit.  Knowledge is power.

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