Prophecy Is Knowledge Knowledge Is Power.

You must stir the fires of desire for those things you ought to accomplish for if you have the seeds of desire to create, to paint, to build, to write, to invent, you must burn with passionate longing.  You honor me to be a creator of things bountiful and beautiful and useful for I am the creator of all and I am father of all you who seek me each day.

Commit your thoughts and works unto me and know that I will guide your steps for I long for my chosen to be fruitful in their earthly life as they are and will be fruitful in their spiritual life.   I honor those who strive to achieve and I grant success and prosperity.

The spirit of the world, the fallen angels who seek to be gods, have built strongholds that so many of my chosen have fallen prey to in wrong believing and are under the spell of meager living.  If you have the will to accomplish, you must take strong strides, you must have discipline over your time and redeem time each day to cultivate those desires.

Build a better stronghold of belief and faith, committing to me each day, that I may pour out favor, that you might stir the passion of your love to me and my only begotten, that you might prosper and succeed and conquer any mountain you desire.  Heed the prophecy I offer for knowledge is power.  Study the works of my book of life, for you will find knowledge that is power.

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  1. Elena RASCHICK says:

    That is so true! God is always inspiring to our lives and we have to continue to grow in our belief and know that he is our inspiration . Grow strong and be bold and not afraid!

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