Power of your words.

I hear your every breath for I gave you breath for life for upon your breath, as it was upon mine, you create your world.  Words created the universe.  I spoke and there was the light of the sun, it’s warmth and it’s drawing power that I gave so that trees may grow.

Your words are a power that few, even my chosen ones, understand.  So few hear my words and therefore they know not the power of their own.  Choose and speak with careful thought and prayer that I might be your light and guide.  Commit even your very words to me each day that you may know the power of what you think and say.

Breath too is a power few know of for as my breath went out and gave soul life, your breath too goes out into the air that I called out to be.  The words you speak are vibrations that go out into the world and the universe and beyond.  In days to come I will speak of the power of vibrations.  But know this today, as the power stirs in you, the power made available because of my only begotten whose every word was in honor to me, and of truth and of power, you too wield the same power.

Listen to the prophecies that ring with truth for they will guide all to the book of truth and the source of power.  Know that your words are powerful.  Know that knowledge is powerful.  Watch that your words are of power and truth.  Know that the words you speak that are of truth and from the only source of truth are a powerful two edged sword.

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