Ask for wisdom and knowledge

Listen for my voice for I long to speak with you.  I see the spaces in your heart that long for courage, fulfillment of desire, for a life that excites and expands.  You wonder at how to change the direction of your life that seems to generate from only a meager existence, to work, to barely pay expenses, to struggle.  It will start this day if you commit unto me the one true God.  It will start with commitment to achieve power that is of me.  It will start with the words you speak unto me.

Devote your first waking moments to me.  Commit to doing this each and every single day.  Speak this aloud, write it in a book dedicated to your life and to what you will learn.  Then you must ask for if you don’t ask you cannot receive.  Ask of me for I long to give my chosen ones all that they desire.  Know that I am a God of power and truth and what so ever I promise I must fulfill.

Go to my book of life and I promise that you will find comfort and truths and power.  I grant that your life be filled with the power of my spirit through your faith that my only begotten died and rose again in his new and glorious body.  For a power filled life you must have knowledge for as I said in days before, knowledge is power.

Ask for wisdom and knowledge and I promise you shall find it.  It will come from various directions.  I will also direct you to words and research and voices that will answer your questions, that will pose questions you must answer as you ready to take the next step.  So much is available to all and I offer all to those who seek me each day and allow me to direct their steps in power of unity with my spirit.

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