Secrets Of The Universe

Life is a gift, a day is a gift and to know that with me, the one true and powerful God, that one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years are as one day.  Know that the power I offer is that each of your days on this earth, is a day of gold and emeralds and opals for I offer secrets of the universe which are the secrets of my heart from which comes the desires I have for my children.  I long to give you many gifts and take you many places.

Look to me, look to me always, ask of me so that I might pour out these gifts, this power that grows and expands as do the never ending gifts of days, as does the ever expanding never ending universe.  This gift I long for you to take and to manifest is as the universe in ever expanding grace, power, light, and brilliance of hues.  It is the power of vibrations that are seeded in the faithful prayer and abundance of your offerings to me, offerings that are the sweetest of savors for they are not of smoke but of spirit.

Offer your spiritual offerings and the doors of my expanse, my mighty heavens, laden as the seas with treasures and spiritual food, will open that I might pour it out upon you, fill within you, with it bless and multiply and prosper and heal you, and touch your every breath with the overflowing abundance of this that is of me that I have saved for you.   I am ready to bestow my great and wonderful spirit of power to my inheritance in those, chosen before the foundations of this world, who believe, who will to hear my voice, who speak for me without fear and trepidation, who look to the strongholds of the world and know they can cause them to fall with the power within their breath and words.

I am ready for those who are ready to see the peeks of mighty mountains and know that with the power of their breath and words with the power of my mighty spirit, that they might leap to those peeks, that they might scale the fortresses of worldly powers with easy and firm strides, that my truth and my might and light will shine through the voices and the eyes of my chosen ones.    Take the double edged sword of power, that of the words of my book, the power of my words, and stand with the son of my word.

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