Power Hidden In A Song

There are many voices in the world and I have those chosen ones, whose words are melodic, who play instruments of beauty that sing and harmonize with their voices of song.   You are among my children and I call upon you to take your voices to the vast fields of the world.  So many of you, with voices of song, and prophetic words that you make into song, harbor your many talents within the confines and safety of your churches.   I need for many of you to take your song and your instruments out of your gatherings of saints for there be many to take your place.

There are so many in the world who are lost and languishing and startled and rattled by the noise of the static of the air who need to hear my hidden messages in the songs that I will inspire you write, sing and play.  Fear not to go to the market places and halls of the world to allow your joyful and healing sounds to be heard by the masses.  It is my call to you who sit in your rooms shaking and wondering at the course of your lives.  It is because you have heard but did not turn to my voice.   Don’t you know that I long for your sounds to alter the sound waves of the world that come in jagged edges and harmful undulations.

I need for you to project that which I inspire in gentle waves that will alter the spikes and edges of harmful song.  I need for you to sing in the spirit and play your instruments with the influence of the spirit in sounds of beauty and love and healing that your voices may heal the young, the elderly, the rich and the poor.   Your sounds will heal the very vibrations of the air that are filled with darkness because the god of the world has my own believing he owns all that field.

You have the greater power, the greater and never ending and always expanding power of me, the power of my spirit, to take over the sounds of the air and alter the vibrations that have rooted into the young especially, and begin the process to root out that darkness with the beauty and loveliness of your voices that sing for me.  You must know that those sounds uttered by the inspiration of my spirit will be filled with great power.

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