Haven’t we the power to speak to Him?

To some I whisper, others hear my words as though I sit beside them.  I am there beside you if you have offered a place for me in your living abode, a temple, that though it will return to the earth, the spirit with which you have been baptized lives eternally.  It is through that holiest of powers, that of who and what I am, that the words I speak to you you may hear such as those utterances you make in sounds you know not.  I hear and know and accept with great thankfulness, that you offer your daily praises to me, a sweet savor of your faith, so too I offer you words that you may hear.

If you have the faith that I have heard  your prayers, your thanks, your requests, why would I not answer?  Have not I the power to form the words that you may understand, have I not stirred the spirit in the prophets and apostles who wrote my book for life for your hearing, learning and understanding?   All of my chosen are on the earth but a while, each have much that they may do for me as my holy ones, walking among the parched and hungry.   There are many dry places though the sun shines and the rains fall.

I call you out to speak unto the nations, I call you out if you have but a voice, let it reflect me, my words and all that you learn from my book of life, the handbook from which you build a spiritual foundation for in it are the secrets of life and the words that are my begotten for he was the word manifested in the perfection of his life.  I spoke with him and he heard though the cross he bore was grievous, he accepted the task so that you might be saved, that all who choose the righteous path might be connected again to me without law.  As you have the power to speak to me, so do I have the power to speak to you.

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