Knowledge To Those Who Ask

Have you asked for wisdom and knowledge today?  My storehouses flow over with great abundance of these my treasures.   Knowledge and wisdom of me will serve you, will take you to halls of great buildings and your speech will be honed and refined.  Your words will cut through thick hearts.   You will know what to say as the spirit lifts you to places of worldly grandeur, where others trust in dusty books and the counsel of selfish governors seeking only their own rewards.   I need leaders who fear not to wield the sword and shield of my power.

I speak to those of you who know that the spirit is stirring in you, my power is there, ready to be sparked to bon fires and meteors of fires and a momentum of power that all may charge into the fray of commerce and media and government and education and speak with the tongues of Kings.  I would that your goods be made with beauty and care that the market places desire of the wares of your hands.  I would that others teach with truth that the desire to seek knowledge and wisdom may be a seed planted firmly in the minds of youth.

For those who ask I will give, that I may anoint you with strides and ideas and images that you may change the course of arts and media.  Paint and write and sing and tell stories.   Design and invent and achieve.  Teach and inspire.  Desire the gifts of healing and bring wisdom and knowledge of my spirit into the desolate corridors of the ill and change the course of science.

Speak that the leaders of the towns, and cities and countries and those who rule the ships of mighty commerce, listen and hear for the words you speak and write and publish will reach their ears and pierce the lies that surround them and even reach to the inner part of their thoughts.  One golden, refined word of power is as a seed that will multiply to many, that lives may be changed, that my laws of love and light and power of the spirit may rule in the hearts of those who would be saved.

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