Each day is a journey

Each day is a journey.  Savor your morning moments with me, your God of heavenly hosts, whom I employ to be your ministering agents.   Sing and offer your sweet utterances as you awaken with the spirit that stirs within you.  Release the power of the spirit in your first steps and focus your thoughts on me as you attend to your morning, for that is the most precious time to set the path and direction of this most wonderful day.

I offer many gifts, and most people, without thought, accept the gift of a day, each day  and for many, without thanksgiving, yet each may be filled with treasures and joy and the fruit of labor, if you know where to look.   Though there are many trials, though you may long to hide beneath the blankets of safety, though a day may seem a slog through burdens that you yearn to be released from, give thanks for the day.

Take a deep breath and know that I have filled your lungs with my breath, that I have given you life to be lived with the multiple fruit of the spirit whether or not the day offers burdens.   Offer these first moments of the day in pure thanksgiving, in the quietness that I offer.   Look to the seed of my words, those that begin with the gift of life.   Then lift your burdens to me and set your path with my direction.   Toss aside disappointment for it serves only to be a boulder on your road to a better life, for that is what you seek.

You build your life with your thoughts, your breath, your words, your actions.   Be diligent in your labors no matter what fields you tread.  Each day plant a seed for that which you most desire to accomplish, allow not a day to pass that you don’t take a moment for your endeavors or then that is a day lost, that day’s seed is a vast crop that will not be harvest.

There is much power in just one seed such as there is power in one word, one refined thought that has been through the fires of my spirit, purified, that all you speak may be of golden truths and power and that you reach for the sword of truth and speak that which you learn from my book of life, that the sword may be sharp and two edged, that you may know the boldness that my chosen ones should have, that you may be a warrior to the day and conquer each one, knowing I have you covered from all sides, that my heavenly armies will be your battalion, that you might raise the calls and know it is done.

Be filled with power this day, be the person you long to be this day, sharpen your mind with my words of my book of life, stir the power of my spirit in your prayers, be prepared as a warrior prepares in body, mind and spirit each and every day.  Be as my only begotten for he is the king of warriors.

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