God’s love is the essence of life.

It is a new day to arise and greet the essence of life.  Breath, love, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, that you put one thought in front of the other as you allow me your glorious God to guide you.  It is I who whispers and calls that my chosen may know the path of life is a wonder, that I created the heavens and the earth for you.  Take this day for it is my gift to you and know that I yearn and stir to pour my many gifts unto you.  Listen for my breath, for my thoughts to be yours that I may lead you to joy and healing and prosperity.  Seek to be diligent today, in your hand of labor, for all labor is good whether you wield a shovel to dig, or carry platters of food, or hammer the nail, or you are in a field of service.  Work heartily as I am there.  Seek to minister, if even in your secret prayers, to those who pay your wages, to those you serve.   Don’t allow your inspiration to follow the dreams of your heart to whither.  You must also be diligent, you need to seek ways to enter the new field you desire to labor in.   Continue this day in the cultivation of the seed you planted yesterday.   Try out in thought what course you need to take as you plot to conquer mountains.   Love will open many doors,  for when you love with the power of my spirit, it is beyond that of human love.  It will be as a force field, it will draw others to you, it will change the course of frustrated souls thrashing to keep you off balance.  Pray in love to change the air about you that your path may be higher and straighter and reaching your goal is swifter.  But, beware that the reward you seek is not in gold, but in the journey, in the seeking of greater knowledge, in changing the lives of those you meet, even of those in high places.  Seek that you love greater as my only begotten loved yet his reward was death though my love gave him life everlasting as you have life everlasting, and lead others to the way of eternity in love and light and the glory of who I am for I am love and my love is the essence of life.

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