Stand and be strong in the power of God

Those men who hold their faith as precious, and though precious, they build their faith upon the corner stone of my only begotten, that their faith be rooted in love and that it stands sure as each of you becomes a great stone of my building, fit and joined together in perfection,  you, who stand today in great faith, in the knowledge that there is life before you in everlasting places, who know that your earthly bodies will be transformed, who look to me each day and stand against the forces of evil, you who believe and allow my thoughts to be yours, know that I see you with the eyes that I saw and know my son, for you seek to follow in his footsteps.

Know that I have given you the same spirit of power, that of the holiest, that you might do those same miracles, that signs and wonders, whether minute or grand, will follow you.  Know that I see each and everyone one of you as kings for my son is King of kings.   Know that I see you as my voice in the call of battle, I see you as great warriors in the fields of the world, I see you as mighty conquerers taking in your hands forever, the peaks of all mountains.   It is the servant to the mighty in the world who wears the true crown though he stoops to wipe the smudge from the shoe of him who believes in the might of his own power.  The feet of the true ones are shod with the strength of power greater than any in this world, and whose service is to me and to following in the steps of my son.  Those who serve are the true kings.

Hear the call, for I speak to all whose will is to hear my voice.  I call yet few hear.  I speak and so many who hear hold my words as water in their hands, and with a few sips allow the rest to slip through the spaces between each finger.

As you seek to build your faith and your service to me, hold tight to that which you hear and read and study.  Hold the words of my book of life in your heart and mind and the fibers of your life.   When you hear my call, answer, for I long to speak with you.  When the words stir you and your skin prickles with the truth, hold those words tightly against your bosom and allow them not to fall away, for how can I guide you if you don’t build your life upon what I offer.

I would that all be kings and ride with the power of my spirit, as a spirit stallion of power, for my mighty heavenly armies are with you, as you take the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith and fear not to charge into the fray, for what is life if you have no battle to win or mountain to conquer?  An idle life has few rewards.

So stand!  Stand with faith.  Stand with others who build their own faith.  Stand that you might receive greater rewards.  Stand with power and might.  Stand with your Lord, my son and King of kings.  Stand mighty with the power of my spirit, stand and speak forth and know that I have given you the power and authority, through my begotten, to speak forth in wisdom, knowledge and prophecies that are of me.

Stand and call forth to those who need healing, for I have given you the gifts of healing.   Stand and be strong in the power of my might and stand against the rulers of the world that these evils will flee for the devil fears you and fears the power you hold.  Stand firm and strong with the power of me that emanates from you in flashes and lightings and waves of power in the air and the shield of faith will quench every attack and fiery missile.  

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  1. Diana Granados-Douglas says:

    Isaiah 65:24

    24 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

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