power in arms linked together

I will speak to you of the power of arms linked together in faith and believing, for each of you are building the walls of my citadel, a city that is but a shadow of the new Jerusalem to come.  There is a new field that my holy and chosen ones have entered and many more will join in exponential growth and it is of the air.  It is upon the screens you sit before and reach out one to another and one to many and many to one.

I have put a marvelous power to your hands that many have endeavored to build a community of believers and followers of the one whom I sent and obeyed all that I asked.   There is vibration in the air, waves that undulate as you commune with each other, waves that are as the joyful noise and lovely sounds of those of you who desire to sing and play upon your instruments to honor me.   These vibrations and waves are not in synchronization to those emanated by the world.  The stronger you all stand together in this field of the air, the more my power is able to change the courses of much wrong doing and thinking.

Stand together as your thoughts link in your messages.  Stand and speak upon your screens and keys, speak out that which is right and holy.  Seek for the lost souls, those whose lives scream for healing and sobriety and are under attack of the divisive and evil one.   Stand together in prayer for those lost ones who know not the power of the vibrations of the air as you speak forth words that will change lives, they too are multiplying in the forum of comments.

Evil content will be overshadowed by the searing light of righteous content and the intent of those who speak from purity and holy thoughts and right knowledge, when you all stand together.  Seek others on the air waves of content who are like minded and join together as you speak of what is right and just even to the decisions of the world.  Speak out against injustice speak out against those governmental leaders who would be liars and lead astray whole countries.

Call out for justice and righteous decisions.  Reach out in thought and prayer for those whose lives are governed by riotous leaders whose only quest is wrongful power and padded pockets, especially those who are delusional to think they could even govern another soul’s very heart and desire for the one true god and the one true king.   Only I have the power to offer freedom of will and desire and no man may take that from another without facing my wrath whether in this time or in the time when every knee shall bow.

There are many in this world who are under the bondage of slavery.  Slavery comes in many forms, whether of women in places unjustly used as chattel in marriage and under the bondage of silly men who boast and puff out their chests and chastise and judge under the falsehood of their religion.  Slavery is of unwanted children who starve not only of food but of love and affection and knowledge for there is no wisdom in the dry places they are born.  There is bondage in the youth of prosperous nations who have come under the spell of substances that alter the brains capacity, whose addictions are of the evil one who has lured them and shrouded them in a dark cause, and their actions are now under the influence of game and sorcery.

This is a war of many blooded battles for it pits children against parents and all rule as they seek to satisfy a desire that will never be quenched.  It is a war that is spreading to many corners and needs the call to mighty angels and the call to loud and powerful prayer and the driving call to healing of these broken ones.  Use the power your voices, those of you who have escaped death’s grip in the battles you fought, continue in your call to the war you fight and show your wounds have healed and that you cling to one truth and the one true god and the one true king.

I put the light of life in your hands, that you all call out the news, spread the truth, heal, speak of knowledge and wisdom and put forth the prophecies that I offer.  It gives me joy that each of you have taken this mantle and heard the call to be on the fields and I give you all that I can give in power and strength as you look to me and follow my only begotten who is for you.  

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