Words of strength move mountains

The strength of the words you speak is based upon the value you yourselves give your words.  Are they idle?  Even when you do not swear and promise, what you say is a bond and is a promise implied.  If you have the office of a leader and teacher,  if you desire to uphold the words of my book of life, your every word needs to be true.   It is therefore my great desire that you watch the words you speak.

Temper your thoughts if they be of anxiousness for I tell you to be anxious for nothing.  Temper your hearts if they have a hint of unfruitful rage, for of what profit will your loosened words have if they only thrash about and fall upon deaf ears.  Righteous rage will have its place when you are prepared and sure and have given your prayers and allowed my direction.

As you refine your thoughts and words in the study of my words and how I created the heavens and the earth, and of all that I did till I was able to send my only begotten as the manifestation of my words, for he was and is the word of life and the words that I breathed, your words too will be of power.  When your words are refined as the fire refines the gold, when your words are of the heart and wheat where the chaff has been blown away, they will grow in power.

Your words of strength will move mountains and heal the broken.  Your words, which you have overlaid with my thoughts, will offer greater and greater wisdom and exponentially growing knowledge.  Your actions overlaid with the knowledge of those of my only begotten, will be as his, pure and sure and full and overflowing of my power wherein you will speak and others will be healed.

I have given my power that all who come to the knowledge of the truth may speak to healing.  It is in your hands and in the words that emanate from the truths of your heart that will be manifest in power.  You who are my chosen have the power of the holiest that is of me to speak to healing for you hold the gifts of healing.   You who are my chosen in the wards and halls of commerce, your every weight and measure must be sure for your words to carry great value.

I will honor what you do even when others trample the truth.   Those who have studied the body who are physicians and nurses and caregivers of all forms, you have a grave responsibility in a field where few believe in the gifts of healing though I long to offer so much knowledge.    I work in the hands of even those who may not know for I know them for the intents of their heart and their dedication in their desires to heal.  If you know and stand along side of these, pray for them and pray again as you and they tend to the wounded and sick.  Pray without ceasing that you will see the open doors to manifest the gifts you hold.  There is much to be spoken of in the many fields my chosen are needed.  

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