stand strong against divisive evil.

Stand strong against the ruler of the world who seeks those brothers and sisters he might divide, for if but one is lost the body is compromised.  Divided my chosen ones are weakened for they have allowed the chain of strength to be broken.   Each of you must fight with the great power that I have given you through my son, King of kings and the head of the battalion in which you work on the fields of sin and blood.  Stand strong and mighty against such divisive evil.

Be forgiving and soft hearted to those you love even if they do wrong towards you, for your right behavior will prick their hearts and cause them to turn toward the light.  Your words will cause them to desire the power of the true cause, to drink and eat of that which they see gives you rest of the soul and nourishment to the spirit and energy and health to your members.  Such is also the body of believers who stand against the wiles of the evil one and his minions.

You must know the mellifluous ways of evil.   It changes with the breeze, appearing even as one who is glorious yet the core is nothing but deep darkness.  It will lure with delights of the world, stunning and gracious words, images that offer riches, knowledge of sorcerers.  But stand away from such offers if they beguile, offer not even a moment to the twinkling and beckoning.  If a brother or sister is enticed, gently remind them of the greater light that shines, speak of the jewels in my great and endless source of knowledge and wisdom, my book of life, and lead them back to the greater way, that of the path hewn in a wilderness by my son.  

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