Leaders are also followers.

Leaders are also followers.  If you have the desire to be a leader, if you are one even to this day, be joyful of your place in the body and mindful that you too are a follower of the one true one.

Leaders are those who have learned the book of life whether for a day or a lifetime.

Leaders, when they have working within them the power of my holy spirit, will shine with light and will be dynamic, and bold, and fearless.  Others may speak quietly as they show the way with gentleness.

You must remember that all have freedom of will, even as you do though you have offered your will to that which I show and to the places I take you.  Doubt not when you hear my voice and remember what I offer, that you follow through, that I am able to bring to you great blessings which blesses others also.

You must love whether you are loved in return or reviled for what you represent.  You are my spokesperson and I call upon you to stand and speak forth with boldness that I inspire.   Do not use your appointed place to justify wrong doing for the devil will seek to unseat you and many would be lost.  Consider those who have not yet heard the good news, perhaps it would be the seeds of your conversations and teachings that will be spread to other nations and even to other generations.

Consider carefully those words you commit to the waves of the air, for they carry to even very dark corners of this world and when you speak for Me, open your mouths and know that I give you the voice of what needs to be heard.

Pray for each other.  Pray for those who lead free nations.  Pray for the nations in darkness that leaders rise up among those who seek freedom and truth.   Pray for those on the battlefields.   Pray that the power of My spirit reigns in the dark places, that all may hear and know, that all may find the way of my only begotten, that they might find their way to me and everlasting life.

Leaders, listen to each other, as each of you has a word, a thought, an inspiration that you all may learn.  It does not matter the numbers you count in your congregations.  

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