Claim my kingdom is come

I am speaking to you now, do you hear my voice?  I call out to you whether you ramble in the wilderness or desert places.  I am seeking to fill your thoughts but you turn away.  Be still for just a while that I might join you.

Commit your thoughts to me that I and my son may take our abode with you.  Claim my kingdom is come into the world and on the earth that you might bask in its glorious realm, that you might speak forth that which must come to pass, for your words are to be filled with the power of my spirit.

Call out to healing in the name of my son, that is your right as each of you are also my sons and daughters.  Neglect not the gift that I have given you.  Stir the embers to leap into a blaze of fire that you might manifest all the power of my spirit, that you might see signs, miracles and wonders and command that the darkness be over ruled with my light that shines from your eyes.

So many of you pray in hopes that I hear.  I DO but you are not hearing me.   You must call out the demons of dark places, in the name of my begotten, charging with the spirit of me.   Waiver not for this is your right, you have taken on the mantle of this firm believing when you answered ‘yes’, that Jesus Christ is my son and that he died and rose again from the dead.

Stand together and command that evil rulers of damaged nations be removed.  Claim the promises today, that you each have the power of holy spirit, you are each warriors for me, you each have the entitlement to follow in the charge of my son who has already his glorious body.  You have the power of my heavenly hosts, my many armies of warring and ministering angels ready to fight the battles.  Call out in word that which must come to pass, that I not be but an idle God to you, but enable me to be all.  

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