A pure heart in a leader is knit with those they serve

I continue to address those who would be leaders.  Know this well, that even your pure heart is knit together with those who look to you for guidance and teaching and ministering, when you love as my son loved.   There are no ties and conditions to the love you manifest that is of me.  Your prayers in the spirit will stir that love deeper and above that which you manifest of your own desire.

Hearts are meant to be brought together whether in fellowship of the body of believers, or the hearts of two who come together as one, or the heart of the teacher to the students.  The leaders of the world, if they be true, if their hearts are pure yet they be also of courage and steel of strength, will gather the love and respect of the people.  Allow your heart to be knit with those you serve.

If you serve yourself, if you serve only those who pave the way to their own pockets, you have forfeited a greater cause.  If you know that your true rewards will be in the time to come, your decisions will stand firm.   If even those of you in the greater focus of the world would only commit to me, know that I will guide you to be leaders of great nations.

For those who continue to cast their short life’s star to the indecencies of their intimates’ desires, to rob the fruit and resources of their nations whether rich or poor, to cast the lives of those they should be servicing into the service of their own desires, you face a grave eternity.  If you order death on the reward of riches, you have cast your own.

Turn from your corrupt ways and seek the way of incorruptible seed.  There you will find power for eternity, there you will find your true heart and fill it with an overflowing love.  As a lost son, if you turn away from your evil ways and look to me, the one true god, as your heavenly father, if you renounce your dictatorship and look to renew your heart and restore your nation and serve those who want to love their leader, I will restore you with great reward and you will wear a greater crown, to be among my chosen ones and receive the gifts of my promises.  

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