joy is in the quiet of the day.

Let’s speak of joy this day.   Where do you find it if you have many burdens?  Even the rich carry the weight of their gold.  Joy is in me your heavenly father who longs to see that your burdens are cast upon me.  Joy is in the quiet of the day, whether it be morning or dusk, when you look to me with prayer and thanksgiving that I might offer greater rewards and give you strength.

Seek for me in the midst of your hectic day, that light might shine into the chaos of life.  If you turn to me, I could settle the storms, the dramatic spinning of life that seems to have gone out of control.  So many jump into the structures set before them, fulfilling the expectations of others and awaken to the reality that they do not control their own lives.

Family members will spin their dramatic webs to encompass your life, your time, your energy.  Children will spin out of control if you the parent has not properly harnessed their energies and they too will take over the peace and joy of your life causing even divisions of man and wife.   These are the frustrations that the world seeks to produce, that energies are diverted.

Know that a diverted wave changes force and form whether of endless volumes of water or the wave of energy that comes from the seeds of inspiration and invention and the striving to build or create.  All waves continue on their way, whether full of the force that blows into its creation or whether it as gone astray into rogue patterns which ultimately become destructive.

You must seek my peace, for it will give you joy.  You must resist the raging energies of even those you love, and allow me to heal and offer the place that you may fulfill a greater destiny than merely maintaining the life you had not expected.

Within your fulfillments you also find joy.  In the controls of your life you will find greater peace and therefore greater joy.  And when you take moments to breath in that which I offer of the beauty of the earth and the perfection of your spiritual conversation with me and you claim the sanctuary of my kingdom, in joy you will find that I and my son are with you.  

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