Love Me First

Your commitments should first be to me, so should the desires of your heart.  If you look to me for your fulfillment, if you hear my voice and allow it to fill your heart, if you cling to the vine that is of my only begotten, then your rejoicing will be always.

A man of the world seeks for what the world can offer.  A man of God seeks for how he can live in righteousness in the world, not in riotous living seeking pleasure for himself.

A man of the world prowls and seeks to capture the hearts of many women.

A man of God seeks to capture the heart of one.

Women who live for the delights of the world attract what they seek.

If you seek the love of a true companion, love me first, put me first in your heart and desires, then I will be the guide of your hearts that two should be as one.  

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