I Give You Power Of Your Words

Allow my words of my book of life to come alive for you.  Read of the times before, read of that of my son’s ministry on earth, study of his time that you have a blueprint for your life and your work and your words.  Look at the beginning to be reminded that it was my words that formed the heavens and the earth.  Look to the struggles of my people Israel before they sojourned out of Egypt.   Struggles are great when you have not put me first, though when you do, I will not forsake you.  I will lift you from your troubles.

A promised land is for all who come to the greatest knowledge, that of my son whom I allowed to be the sacrificial lamb so that all may be saved.   A greater promise was offered, that of the gift of my power made available upon the renting of the veil between me and my chosen ones.  Now all may enter the sanctuary of my kingdom, all may claim my kingdom here on earth, that I and my son may reside within you, that you may turn the waters to blood or wine, that you might change the course of a storm, that you might heal, that you may rescue those who are in the grips of the angel of death, that you might change the course of a man’s tongue and seal the heart that bleeds.  I give you power of your words that what you say will be the creation of your life, that you might change your life to change the lives of many.   God’s prophecy, G’sP, The Daily Prophet. 

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophecy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues.  I Cor 14:39 NIV

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