Stand For Me Stand Together

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving! Ex14:15 NLT

A storm rises in the east.

Two nations agree that the time has come to rise up out of their binds of religious justice.   Servitude to any figurehead, whether of government or the cords of religious dictatorship is in direct opposition to the law that I called, that each soul have freedom of will.   Those nations that protest and seek to stand alone cannot stand.   It is my will that prevails and my will is that those who stand for me stand together.

But there are those, such as the rogue nation of angels who fell away and continue to seek to destruction, who stir the minds of the lost souls who believe they have the right and the power to control, and to steal, and to kill.  These are dark and evil angels who seek for wicked aids that they might hold hostage those in their borders, that they might seek to penetrate other territories to revamp those countries into their own image.  All this is for power, ego, revenge, lust, false glory.

There are governments of the lost angels, and armies, and minions, and stuttering and naughty and mighty and slashing ones, all seeking whom they might control.  Nations of my chosen ones who stand together stand against the darkness, even those whose hands reach across oceans and borders, I have given you the victory.

Look to those nations who reach out a hand in sincerity of leadership, one who seeks to serve not be served.  Look to those who offer of their resources that all may work heartily to the benefit of all not just a few.  Each corner of the earth has its riches in ore, fertile plains, grand forests, deep and abundant waters.  One supplies the other so that people are not bounded by impenetrable walls.

A leader rises who will reach out in truth.  Another stirs angst within his people, stirring anger and one against another, and who chooses those he wishes to sacrifice.  It grieves me yet I know that my chosen ones rise up in voice and prayer and unity of the spirit for you who believe have the greater power, the never ending ever expanding power that parallels the universe that I created, one that never ends and ever expands.

Call to all who believe that the blood of my lamb has healed and sealed the law that the time of law has ended, and in his glorious name you may call my kingdom to earth and stand against those who sacrificed grace for their own glory.

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