For Nothing Is Impossible With God

At times the road does not seem straight or the places you wish to be vanish as you arrive.  I see so many seeking, so many lacking and needing.  Harsh times test, storms press, bitterness can be found around every corner.  But you must resist.  Don’t inhale the fumes of discord or disappointment or anger that what you need has not been met.   Turn away from weak thinking and feeble believing.

I have given you holy spirit a power so mighty that if you stir it into action, if you allow me to be your thoughts, your shield, the power of your stance, the doors of prosperity will be open unto you.  I do not want my chosen ones who have chosen me to be lacking in any need.  I love those who love to work  who fear not to sweat and toil and strive and seek and ask and claim and conquer.

You have not holy spirit upon you, you have holy spirit within you!  You do believe that holy spirit came upon Mary so that there was a savior, pure and perfect.  He suffered that you might have the spirit of my power within, that my people may come to me through him, that you might have power and strength and do greater things than even my only begotten.   He told you so because I showed him it would be so.

So get up and take hold of the spiritual power that is far greater than any worldly obstacle.  Claim that which you need for it is already yours.  Sit not in your rooms, you must seek, knock, ask, and conquer and it will be yours.   

37For nothing is impossible with God.f” 38Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her. Luke 1:37-38 NLT

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