Wisdom Is The Beginning

Do not grieve my heart by not turning to me.  You, who are fathers, know what sorrow the heart can hold when your children  do hear your wisdom.  Wisdom is the beginning of all.  Gain wisdom and you gain greatly in life.

You who are friends, brothers and sisters know that a wise word is not always taken.  I offer a treasure of endless treasures that you might gain all you need to live graciously, to have health to your bones, to know knowledge and secrets of the universe.  Turn to me that my heart be overfilled with joy that you have looked to me as your father not only in heaven but that you dwell in the sanctuary of my kingdom on earth.

Search my words, my book of life, for in it you will find so great a witness to what I have already given.  Follow learned men as those who stepped before, for you will know them by their wisdom.   Seek to learn of my holy spirit, for within it you will have found the fountain of truths, the tree of life, the manifestations of what my son has shown which are also available to you.

Seek to manifest greatness in your life on earth, for the time is but a breath, if you have learned but one gem of truth, if you have saved but one who seeks the truth.  

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