A Healing Tongue

Broken hearted ones are most vulnerable to the devises of the world.  There are those who seek out such souls that they might offer balms and comforts and promises of future fortune and romance, for that is what most so desire.  The words spoken are seeds that are taken with great hunger and the nectar offered is taken with great thirst.

It is hard to tell the weeds from the good fruit when the young shoots are all green.   The state of that soul is worsened with the knowledge that is of the worldly ones.   For those of you with the spirit of me, who manifest agape, love that is of me, who walk in the footsteps of my begotten son, speak unto those lost and broken ones, I will inspire your thoughts and words that what you speak is a healing balm that is of me.

Pray in the spirit for you are my ministers to those who need to know truth from fantasy, for my truth is far greater than any fortune told or story laid.   Live a life that is pure that you may be ministers to those who see you, who hear you, who read the story of your life.

Walk circumspectly that you are not caught unawares and react with a wrong word, for that will be louder than many soft words.  Heal the sick, the broken hearted, with the words of my words of my book of life.  Heal as my son healed for that is your course of life if you have chosen the path that he showed. 

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. proverbs 15:4 NIV



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