It is in thankfulness that I may pour out my blessings

So many know not how to start the day.  Look to the day as one of many journeys for I have offered long and healthful and joyful lives for those who look to me the one and only true god.  Rise while it is yet early for that is when your spiritual thoughts will be most clear.  Pray as you awaken, that I might be your first thoughts and that my thoughts will reside within you.  It is in thankfulness that I may pour out my blessings.

Thankfulness for the gift of a day is worth many life times, that you may grow in your understanding that a word grows and multiplies many times over and expands as the universe expands eternally.  Your thankfulness should come before the thoughts of your needs that you no longer allow anxiety to rule your thoughts.  Letting go of those old thoughts and refitting your thoughts with words of my words of life will reframe your reference, your thinking will be clearer, and I will be able to bless you, to reward you, to give you of my power as I gave freely to my son.

Freely give of your thankfulness and prayer for others.  Freely give of your praises unto me for that is your sacrifice, that I may fill you with my spirit, my ever expanding power, one that will never end such as the power of one word.  My spirit fills the universe yet sits in the palm of your hand.  My power fills your heart, yet you may give it away in your prayers and gifts of healing and always it is there as I am always there if you but open the door to me at the rising of your day’s journey.


Seek the Kingdom of Godd above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Mat6:33NLT

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