Life And Power Is Given

I gave Moses the staff, that my people would understand the power that I offered, power that chosen ones manifested as it was power upon them.  I moved that my angels would be with my people as they left Egypt.  Yet for all of the great manifestations that caused their release and gave them the gifts of freedom, they still turned to their own ways and devices.

Now life and power is given to those who choose, all that is of me I give above and beyond what you can even think to ask for.  Pray in the spirit, the spirit of power that is of me that you have within.  Look to the sky and the endless stars and know that I have created each one for you.  Look to the abundance of the oceans, rivers and streams and know that I offer you abundance of life and abundance of the earth for your life.  Look to my mountains and see there the greatness of my creation, that you should know that you know I created the mountains for you, that you should know the greatness that lives within you when you have accepted me and the life and death and eternal life of my begotten.

Believe that I created all and you can believe to hold within the magnificent power that I long to give to my children.  Ask and you shall receive an abundance of power that you might manifest wisdom and knowledge that you might change the heart of those who have been lost.

Ask and you shall be able to prophecy, and speak in the tongues of other men and of angels as you speak to me and offer praise and glory of all that I have given, that you might pray in the spirit beyond what you may know or even know what to ask for, that you may pray for others without knowledge of their dire needs.

You may pray in the spirit that my angels know what needs you have, that they are ready to minister, to battle, to protect, to change the courses of the world that you walk into the best of circumstances, that your surroundings be blessed before you have even arrived.

Look to me, the mountains of your faith, the endless stars in a sky that forever expands, the endless love of my begotten who shed his blood that you might have everlasting life that I show to you again and again, that you not forget as those who wandered in the desert and never saw the land that I had promised.

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