Seek The Seeds Of Truth

I am your God and your light.  If you set your sights on me, I will show you great and wondrous things throughout your life upon the earth.   The god of the world and his army that will follow to eternal fire, deceives even those of great knowledge.  His devices allow him to slip in and even appear to be as one of light.

What you give to will be your reward.  If you have dullness of heart and dim thoughts, if even your pockets are empty and you give with the thought of greater prosperity, then you have cast seeds to those who grab what glitters and trample what might have been the kernels to greater truths for their own lives.

Seek the seeds of truth that are in my book of life.  Look to be as my son, for he showed you the seeds of truth and life.  Give to those who are willing to be sons and daughters of the most high, hear those who speak with the integrity of truth, give to me your love and praises that I might give back my glorious light. 

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