power of the two edged sword

The servant who does well in management is given much more responsibility.  You know not to whom you share the epistle of your life, if you seek to be the best in all situations and be not idle, I am the one who will give you greater power to hold.

I desire that as each one learns and allows my word to change the course of their life, that they allow others to see and be persuaded that there is a more excellent way.  My begotten has offered the finest way that what you seek is where your heart will be.  Seek truth and power.  Seek to wield the power of the two edged sword that of my word, that your life be filled with power and your words be of power, that your actions be of strength, that others hear and follow whether of worldly in your daily work or of hearts seeking the knowledge you just begun to manifest.

The more you learn of me, of the power I offer, of the wisdom and knowledge I give, if you but ask, that you may cast your cares to me and allow me to direct your steps, then much more you will stand fruitful in your earthly life for I desire to fulfill all of your needs, and you will be fruitful for me in that others will ask for what has changed your countenance, your life, the music of your voice, the power and strength of your stance and fearlessness of your heart.  

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke12:34NIV

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