Set truth as the golden rule

I know your thoughts and plans before they have even formed.

I know the steps and decisions you will make.  I will have already known that within the free will that I offer, you would have looked to the truths of my book of life and the truth of the power that I hold and offer, and looked to me for your direction.

I will have known whether you would resist or be blinded by willful and rebellious ones who seek to turn you aside from the straight path you seek to take.  If you are one who sets truth as the golden rule, always there are those who will attempt to tarnish the righteousness of your decisions.   Resist without contempt those who share your camp.

Hold fast to what is right and those whose hearts will be pricked will allow their own rebellion to leak away and truth to slowly seep in.  Others will fall away with the tide of change that comes on those seeking the abundance of life and life eternal, for great blessings come suddenly when when mine own are established and not swayed despite the storms.

Be rooted firmly in the soil of my words and in the steps of my begotten that you be not frayed by the worlds hailing frustrations and liberties of lust.

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