Take The Sword

My begotten sits beside me, he to whom I made available all of my power, that he of the dark world must relinquish his failing power and final grip of death.  Only if you give him authority in your life can he create havoc.  Havoc, disturbance, vibrations that are jagged enter and grow to greater discord.

Stand fast with the power that I offer.  Take the power infused sword that you might shatter the domain of the prince of the world.  I created the magnificent earth for my chosen and those who choose my way.

As my begotten sits besides me under my wing of protection till the enemy is finally destroyed, so do you, if you choose the shield of faith and the power of my word that lasts for all time to come.

‘The Lord said to my Lord:“Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet. Mat22:44niv

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