Your True Intentions

Many blind themselves with their own good intentions of those things they would do but don’t.

Some use their intentions to justify lack of accountability, refusing to see their wrong thinking.

In the end it is true action that I know and reward is for those whose intentions are taken to action without sights of reward.

Hitting the mark counts.  To follow through with your intentions and in your standards, for both weigh on the scales of my spiritual justice.

Don’t be dishonest in your dealings whether in the market place, the home, and the halls of commerce or within your heart for I see all, I read all hearts and true intentions.

The LORD detests double standards;
he is not pleased by dishonest scales.

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2 Responses to Your True Intentions

  1. jdjames says:

    Hi, Carol. I think more of us will see great changes as long as there are believers who believe and carry through on what God wants us to do. I have referred to all of the cozy home fellowships I used to be a great part of and which are wonderful, as bible in a box, if you don’t do anything when you leave. God speaks to us all, we just need to listen. May you be filled to overflowing with God’s love and holy spirit and power. Joanne

  2. Carole J McCoy says:

    Your word today is spiritual food that feeds my soul where it hungers . The timing and accuracy of your prophecy confirms what I have experienced recently . I see victory . The test is a testimony . Such double standards ate revealed a lot, if your faith is in zhod alone . JD, I am not alarmed or shock by much anymore . In these times, people seem to have their “god in a box”, suited for their agenda that still rises from fleshly desires. I experienced a jolt , almost as if Peter channeled himself thru a fre people I know .
    My revelation is , God has one standard , love. We are to be, and do according to our belief in him, not scripted or edited to suit our egos and dominate another with spiritual domination .
    I live for confirmations , this makes my journey sweet., regardless of the adversaries who cloaked themselves in friendship .
    Thank you for your gift

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