Be As I AM

I desire that my chosen want to be as I am.

As I breath and words and worlds are formed upon my breath, you breath and speak what is your life.

I also desire that you be kind and forgiving.  Didn’t I offer the blood of my begotten that you might have life and life eternal.  Stand on the path he showed.

Walk as though your feet are shod with wings of fire.

Allow me to give you the thoughts of the direction for your day, that you, of a willing heart do my will.

The higher your position in the world, the more you will have many distractions.  Leaders especially have a great responsibility not to allow the world’s voice to be their counselor.

Whether you be one who leads even a great nation, or a child in the years of learning, desire to be as me by following in the steps of my begotten.  


Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children. Eph5:1niv

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