I hear the cries of a broken heart

I hear the cries of a broken heart.  Let me in and you will find healing.  Know that if you have loved before, your love for one lost may continue yet you may love again for I will make your heart grow larger.

Allow me to be your be strength, allow my son to be your balm, allow my holy spirit to show you the many ways.  Ask and I will bring a new one to your life.  You will know them by the fruit of their own heart and intentions always carried through.

Do not be  deceived by outward appearances, gifts and soothing answers.  When a word has been broken forgive.  When a word is broken again, forgive, but do not offer your heart.

I will to bring together two pure of heart that they be as one, that they shine together in a dark and evil world and stand fast with their foundation upon my book of life.  I will that the union of two be as the love of my son to my children, a love that cannot be broken.

I will bless the blessed unions when your hearts and minds are as one and you stand back to back each with a shield of faith, and my two edged sword and I will give you power to conquer much.  

A glad heart makes a happy face; a broken heart crushes the spirit prov15:13niv

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