Action rather than comfort changes the world

Be in the world though you be not of world.

If you sequester yourselves in the safety of your clubs, where hierarchy and man’s laws take precedence over my commands, then what have you completed, whom have you shown the path to truth and eternal life?

Take action.

Take yourselves from the comfort and safety of your towns, and churches, while not forsaking your gathering together, depart for a season from where your face is known.  Be among the lost sheep, those who walk in dark places, whose hearts reside in dark places.

Be my beacon and speak my words and speak of my begotten and tell of your change from one life to a life that begins life eternal.  Speak of the miracles that have changed the course of your path, or of your health, or of your joy, or of your increase.  It is within these seasons that you too will find new truths, I will open my heart to you in greater ways that you know me in ways you never did before, that you read my book of life with brighter eyes and greater wisdom and see the many layers of truth that I buried deep within.

Be not too comfortable in your ways.  I have made you for action, for change, for growth in all areas of your life.

Familiarity makes one complacent, makes others no longer hear your words and encouragement.  Action rather than comfort changes the world.  

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