Did you find a quiet place to commune with me this morning?

Did you hear me call you to my kingdom?

Did you know that my gifts are brimming over and flowing that you might have power of power to manifest a life where signs miracles and wonders follow where ever you go?

What are you inspired to accomplish this day?  Much is to be done, many hearts to be healed and mountains to be conquered.

STAND and take a stand and climb those peaks that you envision.

CALL OUT in pure words what you are inspired to achieve.  Allow your inspiration to grow for there is NOTHING impossible with me as your god and my begotten as your lord.

TURN OFF THE NOISE!  Your brains are scrambled by the static and shouting and darkness of the media.  GO CHANGE IT!  if that is your dream.

BE INSPIRED! I’m with you.

BE GREAT!  BE ANOINTED!  Change even the tides of the world.  Be a leader, be president, prosper mightily, CLAIM WHAT I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN YOU!  ARISE OUT YOUR STUPER, YOUR EASY CHAIR, YOUR WORRIES, YOUR COZY HABITS.  Go out into the world and change it!

Write, paint, teach, invent, cure, heal, climb, build, lead a group, lead a country.  I have already given each of you all that I am.  Make your words pure and true and do what you say that you not weaken the power of what you command.

Be inspired mightily, boldly, greatly and beyond all that you can imagine.

PRAY in the spirit always. 

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth psalm46:10niv

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