A true leader has sweat on his or her brow.

There are great nations rising on the strength of labor and product and services all done well with visionaries who seek even better ways.  Whether nations under my guidance or rogue and rebellious, the laws that I set in the stars remain true.

In the nation that claims under God and indivisible, don’t you know that the enemy has infiltrated?

The spirit of idleness and the spirit of idolatry has offered rest and fantasy where there was no toil.  They beckon with easy fame and glory for those appointed stars, few of which hold to the mantle or even give thanks except to the worldly ones.  Even your leader was chosen on star power rather than strength power.  He flounders and seeks ways to be stronger.  His intents are to lead but he is swayed by many counselors who have their private agendas and know how to sway with glittering words.

Pray for your leader that he finds firm ground, that each day he stands stronger, that he looks to me that I might guide his thoughts and actions.  Another rises who is angular, based firmly in a belief system that includes prayer and praise that I offer my path.  Yet, his ego has edges that intrude on the righteousness of his knowledge.  One has greater ability yet greater ego, the other has lessor ability but has become more humble.

What really matters are those being lead.  Parents must raise stronger children and stop the coddling and rise up to be a leader in your own homes.  Keep your children in a straight line or else they will never walk straight.  Do not be idle in their activities, for action and sports and outings and experiences will accelerate their young and delicate minds.  The actions of airways and passive reception of violence will hinder and shatter important stages of maturing, formation that may never be corrected.  This is an addiction that sets up the need for false stimulation in alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, drugs.

A work ethic must be taught.  Even at a young age, your places of learning should incorporate a time of toil, service to the community, a project of striving.  Then your nation will learn to be greater, will build on the foundation of those who came and toiled that their children might prosper.  I would that every generation works hard and understands that meat and sleep will never be sweeter.  A true leader has sweat on his or her brow.

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