Be so inspired that you be great and prosperous in all you do

You must take the first step to fulfill what you are inspired to accomplish whether to be your work or to be aside.  A desire cannot flourish until you till the soil that the seeds you plant form roots.  Each day add to the accomplishment of your desire.  Start in the quiet time that you give to me in prayer, praise and thankfulness and set a task for that day that you will take another step to your desire.   Do you have the heart of one who creates, that you would to be as me your god and great creator?  Do you wish to have desire to fulfill a sense that your daily work does not nourish?  Grow even your desire and eventually skill will come, but desire can accomplish much when you put into words your goal then your words into action and accomplishment.  It it nourishing to seek a creative endeavor, music, arts, invention.  It causes new sparks that stir the thoughts and fires hearts.  It will cause you to attain greater knowledge, even in your searching of my book of life you will see layers of colors that you did not see before.  Create in your mind great works and great works you will accomplish with your hands.  Even the work that held few rewards will have greater rewards, for your countenance will reflect success in the new path you are forming.  Be so inspired that you be great and prosperous in all you do, always committing to me that I may direct your ways and establish your thoughts and know that inspiration goes out into the world and changes more than your own heart.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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2 Responses to Be so inspired that you be great and prosperous in all you do

  1. jdjames says:

    I pray that you continue in God’s inspiration for your music. I agree, that God confirms His prophecy in your life!

  2. linet kiveu says:

    i thank God for todays prophecy, it has spoken to me as an upcoming gospel music artist who is struggling to grow up to greater, may God confirm His prophecy in my life

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