A Voice That Flutters And Thunders

Voice your faith that it thunders as the mighty ocean waves.  Stand strong behind the king, a voice with his voice, a shepherd as he shepherds you.  Voice the truth for you stand on the cornerstone of my church.  Stand with others, fearless to call out that together you become one great voice for what I am.   With a clear voice tell the world of him who will call you to the clouds.



Listen for truth that is my voice for I am with you.    I am a whisper, a soft voice that flutters beneath the layers of the day.  I breathe with you, that I might stir your thoughts to be turned to me.  Hear me, for I may be the thunder in your heart, the call to gird up your loins or a tug to save a sheep lost.  At times my voice is loud and yet muffled by the voice of the world, meant to distract and distort that which I tell you.  You must hold fast when you know I have spoken, for doesn’t your heart tell you so?  If truth reigns there, then you will know.

The world holds many a voice.  Lies, fables, gilt tongued story tellers meant to overshadow the records I established in my book of truth and life.   Some speak so close to the truth yet their voice holds shades of lies for that has been the ways of government and religious powers, overshadowed by crooked mouths and jangling pockets itching to be filled.   Those this day who seek to lead a great yet faltering nation singe their hearts when they know not how to voice the utter truth.  One is of wavering faith for he knows not my words and stumbles through a wilderness of politics.  The other knows much of my truth and also calls to me for a way, but stumbles on others who voice many opinions obscuring the thoughts of my voice.

Be not as those who have dedicated their life force to the budding nations and building fortresses of stone on the power of greed.  Seek to build on the power of my holy temple, that which is my power of truth.  Seek to be a voice in those places of dark powers, for your voice will be mine and a sword of light that will cut through the false images and ideologies.   When you sit with kings of the world, whether of commerce or government, I will give you a voice that will be heard, for you will speak with authority and power as my son did that all knew he was of truth, that his words cut to the core of their hearts, that the sword of truth laid bare the fear in the marrow of their bones that they could not bear their own iniquities that they sought to kill the truth, the word manifested that I brought to everlasting life.

Now you hold that two edged sword of power and truth.  Hear my voice that you stand ready for the charge, for my son is your leader calling to the battle that your voices bring down the strong holds that keep mighty nations in bondage and take back that which I promised in purity of spirit and purity of truth.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


His feet were like polished bronze refined in a furnace, and his voice thundered like mighty ocean waves. 16He held seven stars in his right hand, and a sharp two-edged sword came from his mouth. And his face was like the sun in all its brilliance. Rev1:15-16NLT

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