Faith To Heal

Faith in that I sent my son and gave him new and eternal life and anointed him king over all the earth and all the stars is the faith that I see in your heart of hearts.  My heart is over flowing with joy when my children take that seed of faith for it grows and multiplies over all the earth that my kingdom come and my will be done.   Upon my breath my son spoke the words that I gave, each a perfect promise that his words were filled with power of truth.

Study those words spoken by my begotten, for they hold the path and the way to do those things that he did.  He told you so because it is so because he had faith that I spoke and was with him in each step he took.   With your faith eternal life is already yours, that you will meet my son, your King of kings in the clouds with new and wondrous and glorious bodies.

Do you believe his words?   Do you believe that through his life, death and resurrection you have been filled with the holy spirit?  It is my heart’s great joy that my children take the spirit of me, as my son showed the way, and with faith know that I must fulfill all that I say.  My son told you you would do all those same things.   Who among you will stand on  faith to call to to healing?  Who among you will commit that your words be full of truth, that each word is your bond, that you will to be filled with my power that the words you speak are words of healing?   Who will heal the sick?  Are you ready to go out into the world and command that disease and demons be cast out?

Have faith that I stand beside you, that your breath is the breath I give, that the words you speak in the name of my son will be power filled words because you are my hands and feet and tongue, and it is me who heals.  Fill your thoughts with those that are the spoken words of my book knowing that my son was my word manifested, that he was perfect and pure.  Know in your heart that he was and is the first and last and finisher of all that must have come to pass and will be accomplished in the days to come.  Stand with him in faith.  Be warriors with him as your leader.  Speak as he spoke for you have the authority to speak in his name a name that is above all names.  Stand on the faith that you have heard. Bury his words in your heart of hearts.  Think faith, believe the words written of my book are seeds of faith, my son is my seed of faith that all who will believe on him have eternity, have the gift of holy spirit.  God‘s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John14:12niv

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