I Am A Voice In The Noise

I am a voice in the noise.  I am calling to my chosen children, I am calling in the wilderness of the world, a place of thieves where wickedness preys on those it might blind with darkness and make deaf with lies.  I am calling you who screams for justice and finds it not.  I am calling you who cries for healing yet you believe your tears stream for an unkind god.  I am calling you every day, yet you hear me not.  You have turned your affections to idols, your passion to pacifying your frustrations.  You sit in your houses of worship and make promises you do not keep with intentions that are weak for you accept your weaknesses.  You pray with your lips yet your heart is stricken with fear that you hear not my voice.

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Know you not that I am your father, that I seek to hold your heart tenderly in my hands, that I cherish its every beat, that I may melt away the scars that have hardened you, that I may heal the wounds that bleed.  I am your God who forgives the sins in your heart if you would give your heart to me, put your whole trust in me who gave you breath and life and who offers you of all that is of my heart.  I am your God and Father who breathed life into the earth and that the waters separated with my breath.  I am your creator and made the whole of the earth for you, I placed the stars in the expanse from the place of your heart to all of the eternal heavens for you.  You, who reaches out for me, you are blind and refuse to see, you cry out and yet you do not hear my voice.

I am your God who gave you my begotten, my word manifested in flesh and blood.  I am your God who allowed the spilling of his precious blood that you would believe and be freed from the bondage of slavery, free from the burden of the law for sin, and that you would love me and love all as I am love.  I am speaking to you who carries your own burdens to justify your life and that all would see.  I want that you release those burdens that you might relieve others of their own.  I desire that you allow the love I offer to enter your heart, that you open your eyes and you hear me call, hear me tell you how much I love you, hear my voice reaching to your heart that you may rest in that place of full trust, full commitment.  I am your God whose own heart longs to tell you many things.  I will lead you to a path of joy.  I will protect you in the battles of your life.  I am ready if you allow me in, to take my seed of holy spirit and BELIEVE and stand upon the rock of your believing and ACT for I can give you the power of my power to stand in a world of noise and evil and know that I have given you the gift of my power.

Look into the heart of my word and there you will hear the heartbeat of my begotten, from beginning to end and into the eternal life I have given you.  Look to the two edged sword of my word and know that it is in your hands.  You must know that I am a god who has not left you alone for didn’t my son, who heard my voice, tell you the comforter would come.   You know in your heart of hearts that you long to be led by the spirit.  It is of me it is who I am.  Hear my voice that you be led in the spirit that the whole body manifest faith, that signs, miracles and wonders follow you who believe, that there be healings and the casting away of demons, that you dream dreams, that you see visions, that you hear my wisdom calling, that you receive knowledge, that you speak out that which I say, that fear be cast away, that you save others, that you stand victorious because you are my children and have not made me an idle and mute god.

Hear my voice and know my word and allow me to be the one true God of your heart of hearts and follow in the steps of my son doing those things he did with his name in your heart and on your lips and your thankfulness and praise be unto me for I am.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet ( as in The Daily News which was already taken!)


The LORD your God will delight in you if you obey his voice and keep the commands and decrees written in this Book of Instruction, and if you turn to the LORD your God with all your heart and soul. Deut30:10NLT

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