My Words Are Eternal As Those You Speak For Words Never Cease.

Speak to me with the truth in your hearts, offer to me the vow of commitment, a decision to walk with the acknowledgment of the precepts I have set before in the many histories of my chosen nation, and in the way of my son, whom I appointed King of kings.   Speak to me in an honest appraisal of your life each day that I might open your eyes to a better way.  Allow me into the tabernacle of your hearts from which the veil of perdition has been rent, that your savior reigns within you as your King.   By turning your thoughts to me, by knowing of those things I have set forth in my book of knowledge and life and establishing within your hearts and minds those words I speak, the words my son speaks, the words I speak through the prophets and apostles, you will know your commitment, you will speak forth your vow in the actions of your life.   The words of my book of life are not idle, they are words that breath, they are the blood of life, they are the heart beat of my begotten who lived and breathed and died and gained life eternal.  My words are eternal as are those you speak for words never cease.

Words of Christ - 6/52

Words of Christ - 6/52 (Photo credit: Roger's Wife)

Speak that which glorifies me that others see your life and know that your words reflect what is in your heart.  Speak of the news of my son, that he came that you might have life and have life more than abundant.  Speak that which you are inspired by the holy spirit, that I have given you the gift of my spirit and I give you words that are holy and full of truth and light and love and power.   Speak at the gathering of yourselves together if you have accepted the office of a leader, a teacher.  If you have words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy, for it is of me, they should not be kept secret or idle for I give them that you speak forth and change the hearts of others that they might find the truth, that they might endeavor to know more, that the words you speak might change even the hearts and minds of rulers of nations.   Speak forth my words and you have taken hold of the sword, a vow of commitment to stand for truth, a vow to stand with my son and be a warrior as he is your leader and warrior of warriors, that in unity and your commitment to the one body, truth be held forth and all enemies must flee.   You know that I have gone before you and prepared the new land that my kingdom comes to earth, that my will be done on earth as it is in heaven.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


The LORD became king in Israel when the leaders of the people assembled, when the tribes of Israel gathered as one.”Deut33:5NLT

Tribes of Israel. Work of Holbein

Tribes of Israel. Work of Holbein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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