Courage Against The Tidal Wave

Courage follows you and is before you.  I continue to talk to you of courage, not of men who puff up their chests, but courage of me, courage that is fortitude to hold strong to truth even against the tide of traditions of men.   How strong a foundation have you in me, in standing on the promises I offer and standing upon the corner stone of my begotten?  Study to show yourselves approved that you speak forth as my son did against the rulers and leaders who professed themselves to be wise, for they constructed their own laws that supplanted my commandments.  Has this changed today?  No, for most men have worldly courage only to stand within the safety of their own magistrates who jangle their words as loose coins to be tossed to the insignificant.

The Asteroidal Tidal Wave

The Asteroidal Tidal Wave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you the courage to stand before me today and offer an account of your thoughts, words and actions? Or have you put off those things you know I have asked of you?  Have you made future promises to me only to be relieved of the responsibilities you have neglected in the present?  Let me show you a better way, for it is written in my book of instruction for life and godliness.  Have the courage to search for those scripture that show you my commands, for how can I change when I breathed and said let their be light and there was.  How can I change that which I carved into stone that the children of Israel would have a solid foundation for a truth filled life?

Your foundation is now on the corner stone of my son, the son of my word.  Look to him and his courage.  Be as he for he is with you and in you.  Have courage as he did to put forth those words that convicted the hearts of the hypocrites who have changed my word for even today it is but for personal gain or a soothing balm for sin.   Have courage to know of my power, that I have given you great defenses against the tidal wave of destruction that is coming to those nations that buckle under the weight of false doctrines.  Have the courage to stand against the winds that carry rumors and deceitful options that you not falter in your understanding of my words and intentions for I do not change.

Be aware of words that tear at the fiber of your heart where I offer peace whether you stand in a tempest or have calmed the wind and sea.  I give you the power of your words and the intent of your words that you will stand in courage as my son who invoked the power of his faith, who showed you the fiber of his heart.   Fear not to command the violence of the seas to turn away.  Command calm where others stir strife.  Hold to my words of truth for they are the fortitude for life.   Encourage courage in others holding yourselves accountable to what I command and rebuking the shifting sands of man’s traditions.



You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men.”Mark7:8niv

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Josh1:9nlt


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