To Be Of Knowledge

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

Today I speak of knowledge, that you may know my words and the intents of my heart.  Have you studied to show yourselves approved?   I speak to those who would be leaders, those who already are, for this is very important matter, that my people be not inspired by the appetite of vain glory.   You know that all glory is unto me for all that I give, my book of life, the many histories of my people who wandered in the desert and gambled with life and death and the many consequences of their falling away from knowledge and truth, the sacrifice of my only begotten, the power of my holy spirit, forgiveness and redemption and all the universe which is for you, and all I ask is your thankfulness and praise that others know I am your God and that you love others with my love, which is Godly love that never expires and is ever patient.

Do you know the value of a contract, that even in the world of business and commerce, a contract holds penalties of loss or payment if it is not fulfilled.  Have you knowledge of the covenant I made with my chosen, offering them the vast lands occupied by sinful nations?  They willingly entered into the contract that made available all the blessings I could pour out upon them in the lands of milk and honey if they but lived the letter of the law.  If they broke the covenant, the curses that came upon them occurred as they allowed sin to invade as an insidious weed with consequences hard to bear.

These records are for your knowledge and understanding, but know this, I do not change. I still hold you to the value of your words as you should know that mine are each a solemn vow.  Hold fast to my words of my book for salvation and strive to make every word you utter to be a promise, to be of knowledge, for that which you speak, it is of my holy spirit.  Allow my spirit to stir and trust that you will be inspiring to those who hear you as you teach what you have searched.  Hold forth your life that others know who you are as a child of me, your God.

If you have not the station of one who stands before many to teach, be as a living epistle for others will see your life and hear the value of your words to know that you have a special covenant with me.  Speak of what has changed the laws of your life to one of  freedom that comes from the good news and the new contract through my son who is your savior.  Speak forth your salvation that others come to the knowledge of the truth, that punishments from broken law has ended and now redemption and forgiveness is offered and the new contract is fulfilled when you love me, your God and you love your neighbor.

Greet those who are your brethren, with affection, for they are of the same body.  Offer to each other the knowledge you attain, that you might sharpen one another, always with love, that a new nation rises, a glorious bride for my son, that when he returns, all who come to the great knowledge of the truth stand ready for eternity.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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