…be eager to prophecy, I Cor 14:39

Hear my voice, hear my words.  I want that all manifest the power of my spirit for I have given you the ultimate sacrifice of my only begotten son that you have been restored.  If you have accepted the pouring out of all his blood, if you understand how he faced his accusers with no fear, knowing what pain he would endure and the hours he would live yet being unrecognizable as a man, then you will find the courage to accept what he made available by the offering of his body.  If you have but read the records of my son’s words, knowing that he spoke only that which I told him, you would know that in the perfecting of the church, you would prophecy, you would speak in tongues, all would have full access to my wisdom and knowledge.

Yet there is confusion and division for the evil one continues to blind even the most willing, reading my words through dimmed vision.  Pray that I might open your eyes to my desire, that I long for your prayers and praise to me be in the perfection of the spirit that is within you, that you no longer keep the power of the spirit idle.  Have I not said to stir the spirit, that it be as a roaring fire within and over flowing that you do speak to me in tongues, that you interpret at your giving of thanks when gathered together that those who do not know are convicted of truth.  I want your personal prayers and praise to me to surpass your earthly understanding for that is your perfect sacrifice, a perfect and sweet savor that allows me to open the doors of my heaven and pour my blessings upon you that you can’t even contain them.   I want that you all be eager to prophecy, for you are speaking for me and changing the course of wrong teachings, and revealing the many secrets of my words, and telling of those things that will be brought to light.

Hear me now, that I want my church to be glorious, that you all come together in perfect love for this is the commandment and the law that was given to you by my son, to love me with all your heart, so seek to do that which pleases me, and to love others even if they oppose you for you may change the course of their hearts.  My son told you already that you would do those things that he did and even more.  So take the truth and pray that I may open your understanding, that you stir the power within  pouring forth that you might heal hearts and heal nations, that you speak with truth as the spirit gives you utterance, that you might expound that which I have set forth, and even reveal the secrets of my words, and to know that there are many things I may tell you that will come to pass so that my churches and even the nations may know and be prepared.   Seek to understand as you continue in your love one to another, for iron sharpeneth iron, and you all may share and teach one another with the view that you perfect your knowledge and understanding that my will be done.  God‘s prophecy, The Daily Prophet (as in a daily news press).


But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.  I Cor 14:3 NIV

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the spirit, especially prophecy. I Cor 14:1 NIV

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophecy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues.  I Cor 14:39 NIV

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