Pray That There Be Miracles

Your praise and prayers in the spirit open the flood gates of my blessings that you may ask for miracles for it is written that signs and miracles follow those who believe.   Offer your first waking moments to me, for these are your first fruits of the day, that your day be set with the direction I offer, that you might call to miracles and they will happen, that I may bless all that you do and the very ground you step on is holy for you are my representative, my ambassador in the world.

English: miracles - by Remi0o

English: miracles - by Remi0o (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you prayed for miracles of healing today?  There are many who limp in spiritual weakness, even those of your churches who know not that power of my holy spirit.  Haven’t I said that you would be filled with all the fulness of me?  Didn’t my son also tell you that you would do those miracles and healings and casting away of demons that he did and even more.  For my power is now within, it reestablishes my kingdom on earth, that my children may discern  those tactics of the evil one, for he can only enter where he has been given authority.  His taking and entering is where there is lack of knowledge, lack of faith, where fear has entered, where there has been a shading of the truth, it’s in nations under God that water down truth that sin becomes pardonable, that the standards of law are functions of justifiable transgressions.  He enters churches that are lead by those of knowledge but never coming to the manifestations of truth.  Evil is where the people follow blindly, where they are kept in the dark for others to wield power.  It is even in marriages where ego of one is at the expense of lost blessings.

Pray that I might give you greater understanding each day.  Believe that my words will unfold in new found understanding and knowledge.  Open the doors to your hearts and minds as I fill you full to overflowing of all that I am that you might see the miracles you expect.  Your words will be the seed  of the force that you will scale any mountain because I want others to witness the miracles of your life, that your life in the realm of the super natural will be seen and read by others that they be caught up in the overflowing power of your faith.  I desire that the churches drop the boundaries of their walls and answer the cries in their towns, and go out into the wilderness of sin and darkness and shine that light, call out those miracles, watch the demons flee and witness the healing of many hearts that you have won for my kingdom.

Of yourselves you are but dust, of me you are a glorious church, the bride of my son who came that there may be a perfecting of my saints.  Stand up in the glory of that knowledge, that you too are children of the most high God, that through Jesus you own this earth for I have called it to be for you.  Know this, that signs, miracles and wonders will follow you each day, that you have fire in your voice, that you have power in your hands, that even the angels stand ready to be ministers unto you and they rejoice in the miracles of your prayers.

Give unto me my praise, for your words of praise, that you call with your voice, are mine, that you offer these as your sacrifice, so perfect and without blemish that the words you utter are of the perfect spirit within you.   You are each my miracles of life that my son came so that I may show the renewing of life and offer it for all eternity.  Power is yours, for it is mine and you have accepted my son as your savior, your King, your leader. If you do, you must do as he commands, to love me and love others.

Go forth to walk on water, to cast out demons, to sound the voice that moves to miracles, to heal, to prophecy, to speak with knowledge and foreknowledge, to exercise wisdom, to show the abundance of fruit in the spirit, to be quenched from the well of living waters. God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw. Acts8:13niv

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