Would You Choose Bitter And Rotted Fruit?

Would you choose bitter or rotted fruit to put on your tongues, or to feed to your children?   You would even swear on another’s life that you never would consider such hateful actions, that you love your child more than yourselves.  You seek to give that which is nourishing and good to the taste, that their bodies grow in strength.   You choose for yourselves that which is appealing to your eyes in meats and fruits and grains, that you might sleep and rise and have strength in your arms and legs to labor another day and you might even say that you do that for the children.

Apple fruit

Apple fruit (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Yet, what is it that you feed your souls, your minds and that of your offspring?  Flickering stories filled with bitter tongues? A field of thorns and thistles whose bitter fruit is made of  lies and darkness?  You offer up your young to the altar of chaos, that of wicked programming, lively and full of color, that is tempting in order to ensnare them.  Look to their glazed eyes as they are intoxicated by the images.  Pull them away before they are satiated and they resist.  They crave more each day that they don’t even taste the bowl of food before them eating with only their mouths, gulping the air of depravity.   Why do you feed your own minds with so much that is bitter?

What you reap you have sown.  Are your young full of rebellion and wicked thoughts, seeking addictions and lusting after unseemly flesh and idols, the fruit of rotted seed? Seek to plant seeds of truth for yourselves and your children and cast away those that are bitter.  Raise your children in what is right before me your God.   You teach what you live for even your tongues hold iniquity.   If you say you abhor evil, then turn away from it.  Turn it off and turn away from planting the remains of evil into the fertile minds of the young.  Look to the book of light and offers of the riches of my stories that are true and full of great meaning, that wisdom and knowledge become your desire, that you fill your children with the yearning to know truth and to seek after righteousness and that you fill their young lives with all that is the good fruit of the spirit.

Be a living sacrifice of goodness and killing off those desires that are of lust for worldly stimulation, that others, whether of youth or age, see the righteous fruit of your lives.  Be of goodness as my son, that your tongues not hold curses and blessings for what right have they to be within the same vessel.  Control what you feed your minds and hearts that you offer wells of love and goodly knowledge to those you care about that you may speak sweet offerings to me your God who craves the fruit of your thanks and praise.

Work to be of goodness that your lives be as epistles that others may ask of your resolve and wisdom and you might speak of truth and save another for the body.  Resist the bitter offerings of the evil one who seeks only to steal, destroy and kill, for his accomplishments are only that which you allow when you turn from me, for I am your God.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet.

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