The Lord Is With You, Mighty Warrior

Warrior of my heart, each of you who hear the call to battle.  Those who stand strong, having eaten the meat of my instruction and are prepared for spiritual warfare, you have been anointed through the blood of the lamb.  You have walked through a fiery furnace and emerged, refined by the strength of your faith that is now ever stronger.   You know the touch of my finger and I call you my mighty warrior.  My breath is your breath as you rise to conquer, nourishing every cell and fiber of your body and soul life.  My words are your words for you have accepted the powerful sword, the spiritual divider that will cut to the quick.

Now you stand ranked with my chosen who show not fear of the unknown, for that too I will reveal as you march forward.  You know that I have already prepared the way and my begotten has shown you.  You see with your spiritual eyes that a great tempest has blackened vast fields, the enemy has shown its rearing head, its clawing tail.

warrior class

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The time has come for my warriors to rise and conquer.  To claim my ground holy for you claim it in the name of my son, warrior of warriors, King of kings.   I give you my spirit, the power that is of me that called to all the galaxies of the heavens that move with the momentum of my breath that they never cease to expand and multiply.  I give you holy spirit, that power that moves with the momentum of my breath, that will never cease to expand and renew and generate ever greater power that you may stir the fires of power that even your words will be as fire, igniting and disintegrating strongholds.   Your spiritual ears hear the cries of the many lost sheep, your spiritual hearing will now perceive the piercing screams of demons fleeing from your words of power, for I called you to you cast them to the outer darkness where eternal damnation awaits.

My mighty warrior, look to the glory of my son, for it shines upon you that others see the light and follow, it shines from within for you hold my love in your heart of hearts.  You are mighty and strong for you have studied to show yourself approved.  You have accepted the anointing of the sword, that it has cut away your iniquities, it has healed your weaknesses, it has opened your eyes that you see what others do not see.

Go where others fear for my words have granted you boldness and strength.  Lead when others stumble, heal when others bleed.  A true warrior is also humble and holds the hand of those whose walk is weak.

I am with you.

God‘s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet


When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” jdgs6:12niv


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