The Kings Of Adultery

Adultery is of many ways.  Adultery corroded the truth of my instruction replacing my spirit for the impostor.  Adultery is sultry, cunning, charming, alluring.  It beckons from every corner of the earth that none are without sin.  It promises vain glory, false conquests.  The seeds of adultery lead to perversion and death.

Have you jealous thoughts of another’s gifts, coveting their goods and their wives?  Didn’t my son tell you, that even if only in your thoughts you seek another, you have committed adultery? Are you espoused to one and seek the images of another?  You have committed adultery.  Have you misplaced your affections?  Have you made idols of things, do you seek a god in towers built by hands of man?  Do you pray to graven images?

Adultery shows its mellifluous features in many ways.  It is dancing before you in programs of entertainment, wicked, prancing knowing you are captured by the images.  It is on still images that abound from every line of vision, forcing many to see things they ought not and want not.

Have you sought the sears, astrologers, fortune tellers of various means, those who flip the cards?  They will tell you many truths for even the devils know truth and you have turned away from me in your quest for comfort of your hearts and for the telling of your future.

Kings of commerce commit adultery with unbalanced scales, false advertising, shaded ethics that appear pure but in their hearts they know the rewards are their greater quest rather than offering honest goods and services.   Kings of nations commit adultery in their greed, when they follow their advisors to provide lip service to those they lead.  You will be faced with harsher standards in the day of reckoning for you have been given greater responsibility for upholding truth.

Pastors and teachers, pray that I might open the truths to my word, that you be not swayed by winds of doctrine, the tools of adultery that come and go leaving false images and wrong understanding, slipping in to change a word and meaning.  Devils of adultery have veiled the truth, yet those who strive to see, will have opened eyes and understanding, that my power be not diluted.   Stand against popular sways that have perverted the ways that I created, whittling down the resolves of truth till they are no longer recognized.

To those I give much in knowledge, I expect much in truth and your standing and fighting for truth.  You who are my chosen leaders and kings, fight against the kings of adultery and stand with the only king of kings.

You who desire to know me, turn away from all forms of adultery and I will show you a more excellent way, I will show you a path beyond the titillating ways of greed and the seeds of darkness that you be not children of adultery drunk on unfruitful wine but be revealed as my children.  God‘s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet



The kings of the world have committed adultery with her, and the people who belong to this world have been made drunk by the wine of her immorality. Rev17:2

For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are. Rms8:19nlt

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. Rms8:14nlt


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